Thursday, July 3, 2008

All NEW STAMP SETS from Stampin' UP! are DIE CUT

Hello all,
What an exciting announcement is this! All of the new stamp sets in the upcoming Fall & Winter 2008 Idea book & Catalog are going to be die cut for our convenience! What does this mean for you and me? Less stamps to have to trim and quicker stamping! Can you say "Whoo Hoo"! LOL!
This includes hostess sets as well! I know that we all love the flexibility of custom mounting our stamps, and with these die-cut sets, all you'll need to do is pop, peel, and place before you begin stamping. How cool is that? Some of the more recent mini catalogs have featured stamps sets like that!
Remember that:
Only our new stamps will be die cut; sets carried over from the last catalog and those on the dormant list will still require trimming. But, each new set will feature a die cut icon so you will have no problems identifying die-cut sets. Again, I say "Whoo Hoo"! LOL!
Just thought you would like to know this little tid-bit of information!
Email me if you would like a reserved copy of the upcoming catalog, which will be available on August 11th! You can earn your copy FREE too just by hosting your own party or being in one of my fun stamp clubs! Contact me for more info on how to earn your FREE copy today!
Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you!

**I would like to say a special "Happy Birthday" to my Best Friend Marcia! Love you Sweetie!**
Happy Stampin'!


Anonymous said...


I would like a new book! Let me know how I can get one!
See you soon! Have a good 4th!

Marcia said...

Blog Candy? Sounds like fun! Tell me more please!

Love Ya,

P.S. The hostess appreciation party was AWESOME!! Like always!