Friday, July 25, 2008

Discontinued Accessories List - NOT!

I have been trying all week to post a list of the discontinued accessories and to no avail I can't make it work!! I have spent hours upon hours and I don't know what I am doing wrong! It is so frustrating to me! All I want to do is cry! I can however, make a copy of it an send it in an email format to you. So if you are interested in receiving a copy of it just let me know. Other demonstrators have a copy of it on their blog site and they saved it as a pdf file. I just can't seem to do so! Others also have copied and pasted it onto their blog but when I try it just becomes a jumbled mess!
(All of the Hodge Podge Hardware kits have sold out as well as some of the "In Color" Double Stitched Ribbons.)

Some of these items on the list are also on sale for 25% off the catalog price. You can view that list over on the left side of my blog. Remember to contact me quickly to place your orders because as in past, certain things can run out VERY quickly and we never know what those items might be.

Items on this discontinued accessories list will be available while supplies last or through August 10, whichever comes first. If an item is unavailable, our supply is exhausted and the item can no longer be ordered. This list will be updated every afternoon through August 10. Keep in mind that the status of any product may change quickly based on demand.
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to contact me if you would like to receive an email with the complete listing of discontinued items on it.
Happy Stampin'

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