Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

How fun is this! I've been tagged by fellow Tallahassee demonstrator Dena Griffin! Thanks Dena! You should check out her new site over at Dena's Stamping Spot! Leave a comment to wish her well! I can't wait to see all of the neat and creative things she has to share!

Here are 7 random and weird facts that I will share about myself:
  1. My favorite snack of all time is chips & salsa! I especially love the ones from Chili's Restaurant. I always ask for extra to bring home when I go there to eat!

  2. I am extremely obsessed with the Pirate's of the Caribbean movies and can quote every line from all of the scenes from the second movie..."Dead Man's Chest". I can't watch it without quoting every ones' lines...sometimes even before they do in the movie! It is quite annoying to those that dare watch the movie with me! Weird isn't it?

  3. Not only am I "Pirate's" obsessed, I totally love "Captain Jack Sparrow". I think that is who Johnny Depp truly is. He is "Captain Jack Sparrow". I even have a hand signed autograph picture of Johnny Depp as "Captain Jack Sparrow". It is awesome! It sits here above my computer! It was a Christmas gift from my best friend Marcia...(and I must say that it has got to be like the best gift EVER!)

  4. I absolutely love Walt Disney World. I really love just about everything "Disney" period. But I do love going to the parks. Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) and Animal Kingdom all here in Florida. We used to go several times a year. The Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center are my favorites though. Have you ever been?

  5. I love Mariachi music! I grew up in Texas and my father managed several restaurants in Dallas and I can remember when I was little hearing the music that his employees would play in the "kitchen". It was that wonderful "mariachi" music. I guess I have loved it ever since then. I love the costumes that the mariachi bands wear too...complete with those BIG sombreros. My favorite Mariachi band is the "Mariachi Cobre" which happens to perform almost daily at Epcot Center. Go figure, right?

  6. I collect Disney Salt & Pepper shakers. I have for years. My first set was Pluto and his Doghouse! Pluto is my favorite Disney character so I bought it because of that, not because I wanted to collect salt & pepper shakers. I got it when my daughter Meagan was 1. She is now 18. My collection has grown quite a lot...most of the ones I have were gifts. The ones that I collect all come guessed it "Walt Disney World"!

  7. Way before I collected salt & pepper shakers, I collected "cow" things. I used to love cows. It was another childhood thing. My grandparents had a farm where there were cows and I loved them. In my early twenties, my whole kitchen was nothing but cows. I had cow everything! Cookie Jars, Dishes, Glasses, Pitchers, Figurines, Towels, Mugs, Salt & Peppers, Butter Dishes, Sugar & Creamers, goes on and on and on. I'm happy to say that I have gotten rid of most cow things and only kept a few things that I truly love.

Okay, so that was probably way more than anyone ever cared to know about me! Right?

So here are the 7 very talented ladies that I am tagging. Please be sure to check out their sites. You will find so many great ideas from their sites. Even though I have never met any of these ladies they have all been great inspirations to me.

  1. April Carroll at 123 Go Stamp . April is in my upline and I have found wonderful card samples on her site. Thanks for the inspiration April!

  2. Sarah Gough at thINKing stamps . Sarah does the most beautiful cards. Her pictures are always so clear and so are her instructions.

  3. Diane Noble at Diane's Designs. Diane is so very talented. Not only has she been a wonderful source of creative inspiration for me she has also been a source of faith inspiration for me. Thanks you Diane and God Bless you.

  4. Rhonda Beadell at Stamp Tramp Creations. Rhonda does beautiful work. I have found some great ideas on her site. I know that you will too.

  5. Becky Roberts at Inking Idaho. Becky's cards and gift set ideas are just gorgeous. She does amazing things. She's so very creative.

  6. Lindsey Blackhurst at Stamp with Linz. Lindsey has adorable samples and does great scrapbook pages too. Her presentation of her samples is just awesome. I just love what she does. She is very talented.

  7. Julie Edmonds at Inkredible Stamping with Julie. Julie has a wonderful eye for color. I love all of her work. I have found inspiration at her site many times and even for my Mother's Day gift to my Mom!

Thank you ladies for all your inspiration and your commitment to share it with others!

Have fun being tagged!

Happy Stampin' !


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